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Whilst at Moonpig, there was a deep focus on retention. App users tended to become return users, and in order to make sure that we were getting the most of this, we created a "reminders" section, which reminded users of upcoming events based on their previous purchasing history.


Never forget a special occasion again

It was really important for this section to provide a deep and personable experience, so UI that allowed the customer to upload their own photo was important. There is also a very functionable part to this section, whereby users have to be able to easily see the chronology of their reminders. In order to facilitate both, I used large friendly cards that only displayed the important information.


What's the best way to encourage customers to input their own reminders?

The empty state was another vital part of the design approach. This was a new section to most users (some web users may have used it before) so it was important that we found the best way to guide them through the correct behaviour. We tested two hypotheses in person:

1. That a more paired back approach would encourage completionist behaviour

2. Providing suggestions would encourage users to quickly add events they were interested in.

See results here

purchasing journey

The purchasing journey

Once a lot of the basic functionality of the reminders section was shipped, it was time to then look at the purchasing journey. Longer term, the goal was the provide buying suggestions based on previous purchasing behaviour. The challenge here is that the behaviour is different depending on who the customer is buying for, so I would imagine this will be explored further when there is more data from the section.


Creating a deeper experience

I worked with the devs to create a series of loading animations that we would use in the app. The idea was that this would mean there would be a deeper experience for the user by releasing points of friction.

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