Litics web app UI

Litics are a data driven political start up based in East London, looking to radically change how we view political information. Their main objective is to hold politicians accountable for what they say and map that against funding. I worked on the UI for the project in order to create an intial run-through.


Making sure users can easily select the correct data

The hypothesis behind Litics is that the users would want to hold individual politicians accountable for their actions. Therefore the first step was to put a search function at the front of the product. From there the user could then select a date range and publications that they would want to pull data from (obviously these would all have their own political leaning).


Creating components that look impartial

Trust was an important part of Litics, and I only wanted to subtly note when a topic related to a political party. I therefore paired back all logos and components to make them feel impartial, and therefore fair.


Making the outcomes easy to understand

There was a lot of data being pulled together and there was also a chance that users would be viewing data from multiple individuals at the same time in order to compare them. In order to make the product scalable, I chose to pair back a lot of the design elements apart from the key ones; the dates, data-points and names.

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