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Product Design
Moderated testing


June 2018

In 2018, I worked with Moonpig on various digital projects, shortly after they had recently gone through a change in leadership and brand positioning.


In mid-2018 the average customer only bought from Moonpig 0.9 times per year. This was because Moonpig was viewed as either a last minute option or as a retailer that stocked a lot of products. The strategy changed to go after higher value customers, with retention being a focus of the business over the next couple of years.

The concept of reminders was born out of this, with a desire from the business to create a space where customers could set up repeating events where they could buy from Moonpig.


Moonpig reminders


When we started working on the reminders feature on the app, customers could currently create “reminders” on the website. This feature sent them an email a week before the event and suggested products to purchase on the website.


App users spent 50% more per transation than those using the website, but were a much smaller audience. Creating a reminders feature in the app would increase customer retention in app users by providing a useful service that was available elsewhere.

User testing


10 participants
Age 18-55
Male and female


• How customers currently remembered special occaisions.
• How they used Moonpig to order as part of this process.
• How they would expect to integrate other reminder services or contact. services with the Moonpig app.
• What they would expect to see the first time they launched the new reminders section.
• Which of the empty state options we designed would most encourage them to use the service? (there were two options, one which was very paired back and one which was full of suggested reminders).


• 8/10 customers used the diary in their phone to make a note of special events. 2/10 used a physical diary. 2 also relied on social media to remind them. 3 participants also mentioned they shared their phone diary with a partner or family member.
• 3/10 customers were already using the reminders feature on the website to make a note of important events.
•7/10 would happy to share their contacts with the app, 3 would not. Interestingly, only 2 out of 10 said they would be prepared to share their Facebook data.
• 8 participants would like to be able to input their relationship to the person they were buying for.
• 7/10 customers would like to be able to customise their reminders, by adding photos or emojis.
• Customers would expect to see a paired back empty state that they could add their reminders to. 3 participants felt that us making suggestions could be insensitive (if a family member had passed away for example).
• One participant suggested we include the functionality to create a reminder after they had made a normal purchase. This would save her the legwork of entering the date of the event.


• Add “relationship” as a required field in the reminders modal. We can then use this to suggest gifts and cards for future purchases.
• Introduce an empty state that contained prompts relating to actions (i.e. “Add reminder”)
• Create an option to “create a reminder” after purchasing.
• Consider how users could integrate their native calendar with the Moonpig app.
• Allow users to be able to add photos to their reminders.


A new space to store
special occasions

An experience that allowed users to create more grandular reminders based on someone’s relationship to them. We also included the functionality for customers to adjust when they received a reminder.  Notifications come in the form of push and email (in case they have push notifications silenced for the app). We started by creating a version with coloured backgrounds for the reminders, with a view of allowing users to customise the background of each event.


+17% increase in overall app retention over 6 months
+12% increase in app launches over 6 months
A more helpful app that was featured in the app store