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In 2019, I worked with Costa Coffee on their app to help get coffee to customers faster using the app. At this time the app itself looked pretty dated, so the first project was to reskin it to match the latest brand styling. After this, the roadmap included a bunch of different projects, all with a view of mirroring the in-store experience in the app.


In late 2018, Costa did some great work on segmenting their target audience. This helped us focus the majority of our attention on two user groups:

Morning Commuter
Someone picks up a coffee on the way to work, and usually orders the same drink from the same store.

Break from work
Someone looking for a treat in the afternoon. Also usually orders from the same store but will order to eat in.

the reskin

Modernising the UI


Costa went through a rebrand in 2018, and wanted to apply new styling to the app. The red was changed to something a little darker and more premium.


Updating the app will make it look and feel more recognisably Costa, and might also be an opportunity to make some experience improvements.

Designing for iPad

The new home screen area provided some interesting design challenges for Costa's iPad app. To solve this, I used a max width for the card column to avoid the need to stack the cards horizontally.


Food integration


The business wanted to allow customers to order food in the app and collect in-store. The view was that this would increase revenue.


Adding food items to the menu will increase total sales using the collect service in the app.


The user flow was tested with 10 remote participants, to measure the success of three  navigation options. My recommendation was to use a horizontally scrolling navigation. This not only out-performed the previous option but also allowed us to provide better discoverability in smaller devices, See full results below.

View test


Food orders accountable for 5% of total sales in the app, which is double what was projected (measured over 3 month period).


New iconography was required for customisation in the food extras. I created a set of icons and a signature style that we could apply to other products in the future.


Drink Customisation


The business wanted to mirror the in-store customisation in the app. Users would be able to add multiple extras to their drink (e.g. a flake and a marshmallow).


There are some customers who can't currently create their drink in the app, because they can't add more than one extra per drink. Allowing them to add more than one extra will increase sales.


Updates to the drink customisation were tested with 5 remote participants with a view of seeing if they would be able to use the multiple extras section to add more than one extra to their drink. Full results are available below.


Food orders accountable for 5% of total sales in the app, which is double what was projected (measured over 3 month period).